Yamaha YZF 250 R4 – appealing looks and great functionality

Although the design of this Yamaha model is very appealing, it is
observed that the Yamaha has got this looks from its sibling YZF R6. Few
of the features included in the vehicle are tanking, rear view mirror,
headlamp, under fenders, rear fender and tough looks which increases its
demand in the Indian bike market. The handle of this Yamaha model is
less sporty which makes the rider to bend while riding. The brakes are
dual and are applied to the front tires.

Usually the Yamaha bikes
are known for powerful engines and are made perfect for the Indian
streets. The average mileage of this 250 cc bike is declared to be 30 to
35 kmpl and the highest speed given by the bike is 145 kmph. The engine
of the bike is air cooled and has 4 stroke engines. Also, it possesses a
V-twin and is fused with OHV valves every cylinder. The compression
ratio can be 8:4:1 and the stroke and bore are measured at 97.0 x
113.0mm. This bike is great for the young people who are crazy for speed
and the looks.

The Yamaha Company has stated that this bike will generate approximately
32 bhp of the power and the torque could be 100.3 Nm at 2,750 rpm. The
bike comes with an electric start and has 5 speed gears to provide
tremendous speed and decreased consumption of fuel. The machine of the
bike is made of number of disc clutches and also it has the T.C.I.
ignition system.

The bike has got not only the excellent features but also it takes care
of the safety features and has rear suspension called as a Swing arm and
the rear wheel provided is of 117 mm to offer safety and balance. The
bike will come with the aluminum frame with CF die cast having double

Yamaha has not revealed the specification of the bike but the Yamaha YZF 250 R4 price in India is around 2, 50Free Reprint Articles,000.