What have Mercedes Vitos got to do with Mountain Biking?

There are a
lot of clever people in advertising.  Ask me what to do to help to sell a
load of vans and I would never think of getting ‘down with the kids’ involved
with a load of mountain bike racers.  Selling a new type of sweet, sickly
drink yes, Mercedes Vito vans, no.

The ad
people aren’t daft, but maybe you could accuse them of putting their own
self-interest first by inventing these wacky campaigns, in so doing lining the
pockets of their own Oswald Boateng suits.  But the people who run
Mercedes Benz van division are no fools in emperor’s clothes (at least I hope
they’re not).  They have to justify what they spend on marketing and they
have to sell vans at a profit.  I assume therefore that they ‘get

I assume it is
an ‘aspirational approach’ we all want to be like the trendy mountain bikers. If
I am an 18 stone builder and need a van for work, why not buy a Mercedes Vito
that makes me feel like a lithe mountain biker touring Europe with a group of
foxy roadies?

Time will tell
of the approach has worked, at the moment, Mercedes Benz is underperforming
compared to their own historical standards, their registrations are 9% down on
last year in a market that is currently 26% up on last year. 

Will the
sponsorship of the Mountain bikers and the production of a mountain bike game
App for the iPhone turn this situation around?  I hope so; otherwise the
Oswald Boateng suit will be needed to hide the Emperor’s shame.


The Mercedes Vito van
is a great van that can suit for any use, whether it is for transporting goods
by a logistics company or for a paint and decorator to hold all there paint and
brushes while on the job. If you go out on the streets and look for handy men,
builders, plumbers, electricians and ask them what there favourite van is, the
majority of them would say the Vito, that is if they have drove this van
before. You can quite easily find cheap Mercedes Vito vans
for sale
online, just simply go to Google and search for vans for sale, you
will then find plenty of websites offering used vans or brand new vans, but
seen as the van will most probably get damaged by tools within the van you
might as well purchase a used vanHealth Fitness Articles, as there a lot cheap than new vans..