What Continental Bike Tires Can Do For You?

Continental bike tires are great replacements. Why not choose Continental? Many bicyclists preferred this brand. They have tires for mountain riding and racing. Do you like bike touring? Discover many types of tires, by reading this article.

Nowadays, bikes are more than just a practical means of transportation. They are now widely used in different men’s activities such as sports, socializing and exercising. Because of this, cycling parts are significant in their functions as well as brands like the Continental bike tires. People who love cycling know what brands are good.

Continental is one of the topmost reputable companies, when it comes to bike tires and tubes. This German manufacturing company was started in the late 19th century. Like Michelin tires, continental pioneered pneumatic or air filled tires. From their very beginning, its manufacturing company has never stopped evolving and developing quality products.

There are all kinds of bikes and some of them require different types of tires. The bike you buy will depend on what you intend to do with your bike. To help you choose which one you to buy, here are the list of bikes and their use.

Racing bikes- Their lightweight-built is made for stiff road racing. Their road bike tires have a high pressure and should be narrow for greater speed. The Grand Prix 24mm, GP Attack, GP Force and Grand Prix 4000 S are just few that offered by Continental for this type of bike. Interestingly, the Ironman from Michelin bike tires, stands to be in competition with Continental’s GP Triathlon.

Mountain bikes- Unlike the racing bikes, this one is made of heavier components to withstand off-road biking paths. These bikes are use to climb steep, rocky mountain paths. They use fatter tires and stronger frames. With Continental, you can choose from their downhill, freeride, all mountain, and classic range. Der Kaiser, Mountain King, and Diesel 2.5 are among the most popular tires for this kind of riding. Kevlar is also another well known company that makes bike parts.

Touring Bikes- These bikes are made to carry heavy loads. These comfortable bikes use flexible frames and long tubes for comfort. The touring plus, top contact, and travel contact are just three of the continental tires that offer safety, comfort, and durability. These features are what give your bike the speed you need while touring.

There are still other types of bikes that require different types of tires. BMX which is used to do tricks and stunts requires special parts. Likewise, aside from Continental; Michelin bikes tires, Panaracer, and Kenda bike tires are the leaders of this industry that offer different bike accessories, tubes, and tires.

Are continental tires the tires I should buy for my bike? These tires are quite popular all over the world. Their years of experience and tradition are really something you should look into. And, of course there are other major brands you should look into to see what fits your needs.