Wetsuit Gloves Can Keep Your Hands Warm


When it comes to scuba diving accessories, most people don’t think about wetsuit gloves much at all.  This is totally understandable.  Most people tend to spend a lot of time and money on such things as their dive computer or BCD (buoyancy control device).  This is often a mistake though since wetsuit gloves serve a very important purpose.  They protect our hands from the elements and help us to retain body heat while submerged in the water.It’s definitely not a good idea to ignore wetsuit gloves.  They are so inexpensive and easy to obtain, they should clearly be a part of every wetsuit outfit and worn on every dive.  Not only do they help us to retain body heat, but they also protect our hands from getting cut on sharp objects while we’re in the water.Heat loss protection is something you should take very seriously.  If you lose to much body heat while scuba diving, you can experience a medical emergency, like hypothermia, for example.  And it doesn’t take much at all for hypothermia to develop.  A temperature drop of just three or four degrees Fahrenheit is usually all it takes for hypothermia to set in.  You definitely want to avoid this condition while underwater since it can lead to confusion.  Confusion while scuba diving can easily be disastrous.  Don’t neglect wearing your wetsuit gloves even if the water feels nice and warm.  It can quickly get cold as you go deeper and deeper.Wetsuit gloves are very affordable.  Because they are so inexpensive, cost should never be a reason not to wear these gloves to protect your hands.  You can easily find a good pair of wetsuit gloves for $15 to $30, depending on brand and styles.  In most cases, these gloves are found in 3mm neoprene.  This is about half the thickness of the other parts of wetsuits.  They have to be thinner so that people can easily move their hands while in the water.  This doesn’t diminish their ability to protect your hands from punctures though, especially considering the fact that many of these gloves have fingertips and palm inserts that are made from Kevlar.Taking a risk with losing body heat while scuba diving is a risk you don’t want to take.  The potential for hypothermia is a very real danger than can have some very serious negative consequences.  Since wetsuit gloves are so readily available and inexpensive, wearing them while diving is just good common sense.

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