Types of Men’s Shoes To Shop For


I know shopping is not men’s thing. But I can tell
you, there are two things that men loves to shop for (and even window
shop) – any kinds of tools/hardware and shoes. Men’s shoes are men’s
fashion craving. They believe that a great shoe can complete any look
and can get you anywhere. Having said that, I’ve made a list of the most
popular types of men’s shoes to shop for. So if you are shopping for men’s shoes, include these in your shopping list.Saddle
Shoes – A casual oxford shoe, the saddle shoe is distinctive because it
utilizes a layer of leather over the instep that is normally a
different color than the rest of the shoe, thus classifying it as a
casual but stylish choice.Boat
Shoes or Top Siders – Made to be worn on a boat to prevent slipping,
they have migrated from the docks of Boston to the wardrobes of men
looking for a summer shoe that can be worn without socks. Available in a
variety of colors, the men’s boat shoe comes in a moccasin style and is
only for warm weather.Canvas
Shoes – Sneakers come in a wide variety of styles and colors, however
the rules of wearing them outside of the gym are universal. Canvas
shoes had been around for quite a while now and are really making a
fashion statement in runways and street alike. When clean and situation
appropriate, they work well with chinos, jeans, and shorts.Athletic
Shoes – Running shoes, basketball shoes, tennis shoes–you would think
the occasions for which these were meant to be worn would be clear. Yet
we persist in wearing our white running shoes everywhere, declaring it a
right because they are comfortable. I counter this argument by saying
that many of us are too lazy to take the time to think outside the box
and select a casual shoe that looks sharp and is comfortable. They
definitely exist.Hiking
Boots – Hiking boots are designed to support the ankles, provide
cushion, and protect from the elements, while still being light enough
to not impede stamina. Boots that meet all this criteria are an
outdoorsman’s delight; those that fail can turn a trip into a painful
lesson of why quality matters.Western
Boots – Growing up in West Texas, I have a special place in my heart
for western boots. Functionally, they serve the purpose of keeping a
man in his saddle, protecting him from the terrain, and if taken care
of, they can last as long as his horse. But that’s the issue–most of us
don’t require this functionality and wrestle with the issue of whether
or not we deserve to wear something so idealized by our culture.Oxford
Shoes – An Oxford is a style of laced shoe characterized by shoelace
eyelet tabs that are stitched underneath the vamp. Oxfords are
traditionally constructed of leather and were historically plain, formal
shoes but are now available in a range of styles and materials that
complement both casual and formal forms of dress. Every man needs oxford
men’s shoes for formal occasion.

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