Tunturi Exercise Bikes

The Tunturi Bikes are some of the best exercise bikes in the
world. They are made by a company located in Finland, which means that they are
a little more expensive to get in the United States than they are in the UK.

Although these bikes are costly the features they come with make them more than
worth the cost. These bikes have some of the best display consoles on the
market today. These displays make monitoring your workout an easy task.

These bikes have either a T-ride Display or a T-road display. The T-ride
display is a 3.8 inch LCD monitor that shows heart rate, calories burned,
distance roadArticle Search, and energy used as well as the gradient. These monitors show all
of the essential information in an easy to read way. The response with the
gradient change on the monitor and the difficulty increase on the bike are in
real time and make it feel like riding outside on a real bike.

The T-Road display comes on the more expensive models and it features a 7 inch
LCD display that shows a lifelike picture of an outdoor riding scene. If you
ride faster the image moves faster and if you ride slower the image slows down
to match.

Another nice feature is the ergometer which shows the effort level put forth as
well as giving feedback on a bunch of other data during your workout.

The Tunturi is a great choice for anyone who wants the best exercise bike
workout available. After a few hard workouts on your new Tunturi you will
forget all about the price tag that came along with it.