Touring Buenos Aires by Bike

Explore the city of Buenos Aires on one of our special bike tours
through the city that never sleeps. Provided by your Argentina specialists,
Argentina For Less.


Buenos Aires
is a vast city, one of the biggest in South America. Famous for its tango and
never sleeping population, it has a lot to offer.


What makes Buenos Aires so special is that the
city is split up into many different areas and neighborhoods that each retain
their own atmosphere and culture.


Much of the
divide is along old class lines, with the leafy areas of Palermo and Recoleta
normally home to the wealthy and the urban chic area of San Telmo and colorful
La Boca for a more working class population.


However, as
the city grows and new immigrant arrivals are not so easily divided as they
once were, the city is becoming more and more cosmopolitan with areas offering
something for everyone.


The public
transport system in the city can be pretty complex, with buses running to all
destinations and the necessity to have the exact change for the bus, when
change is actually impossible, makes travelling around pretty difficult.


One of the
best ways to tour the city is by bike. More and more Porteños are buying bikes and using them to explore the increasing
number of cycle lanes that are popping up around the city.


However, tourists
are also taking an interest in this increasingly easy way to explore the city.


There are a
number of tour companies that offer the bike tours that take in a number of
different areas.


Bike Tours


One of the
main tours by bike is the Buenos Aires
Urban Biking Tour to the South
. On this tour you are able to discover the
city’s historical, social and architectural contrast by passing through new Puerto Madero area, the coastal ecological
reserve, La Boca, San Telmo and finishing in Plaza
de Mayo.


The Buenos Aires Biking Tour to the North enables you to explore the
more expensive areas of the city passing through the leafy Barrio Parque area,
Palermo Woods and Palermo Soho and Recoleta, famous for the cemetery of
Argentina’s elites (including a memorial to Evita).


One of the newest tours that has recently become popular, is
exploring the city by night. Buenos Aires being a city that never sleeps, this
is the ideal way to go people watching.


The Porteño Nightlife goesthough the neighborhoods of ritzy Recoleta, the classic quarter of San Telmo, and through the new area of Puerto Madero. Without taking part in a lively
pub crawl, this is the way to experience the different atmospheres and flavors of Buenos Aires.


If your wanted a break from the city you
can go a explore the northern delta region of the city in the Tigre delta cycling tour. The tours
leave from the downtown Retiro area of Buenos Aires and use the local train
service to take you to the northern suburbs.


You will explore the leafy northern
suburbs and then be given the chance to go Kayaking in the Parana River. It is
the perfect way to relax and mix sport with adventure.


Tigre it’s self is a beautiful town,
and the surrounding delta area is full of the stately homes of the rich
Porteños. The town used to be a getaway for the elites in the 18th
century and it still retains that feel.


You can only explore the delta region
by boat, adding to its exclusive allure.

All of
the biking tours include all the equipment that you will need such as the bike,
helmet, bottled water and bikers insurance.


The tours
are not very difficult and are aimed to be relaxing and easy going. However,
you should be prepared to be riding for the majority of your tourFree Reprint Articles, so think
about how fit you feel and what you are able to do.


tours are only every cancelled in the event of pouring rain!