Top 10 Fastest Electric Bicycles with Motorbike Speeds (2018 Prices and Specifications)

Top 10 Fastest Electric Bicycles with Motorbike Speeds (2018 Prices and Specifications)

What is the fastest you can pedal on a bicycle? We would say around 25 miles per hour if you have a decent racing two wheeler and are in a good shape. But would you want to go faster?

Electrically powered bicycles allow you to do just that and their top speeds can reach 60 miles or 100 kilometers per hour.

That is incredibly fast and probably not safe, but we are not here to judge whether a thrill ride is worth compromising one’s safety. In this episode we have prepared a lineup of the fastest electric bicycles that exist today and could be bought if you are a true fan of fast riding.

Bicycles featured in this video:

The Spanish company Bultaco Motors has always been and will remain the manufacturer of motorcycles, however due to the growing demand for electrically powered bicycles they chose to expand their lineup by a few motopeds.

Stealth B-52:

Stealth B-52 is ready for years of extreme riding and its cromoly frame, Incredible brakes from Magura and suspension from MRP will overcome anything that you throw at it.

Rimac Greyp G12S:

Engineers at Rimac Automobili, the Croatian company that created a 1080-horsepower electric supercar, have partnered with Greyp in order to create a new means of electric city transport. Their collaboration resulted in the creation of G12S


The line between a motorcycle and an ebike has been blurred by the recent arrival of high performance newcomers to the market. Among them we want to highlight Delfast, which is manufactured by the same named Ukrainian company.

Neematic FR/1:

Neematic FR/1 is a fully-electrical hybrid of a bicycle and a motorcycle. It combines features of a dirt and a mountain bike and accelerates to 50 mph.

Vector Vortex:

Vector Vortex is the fastest and most powerful product created by a Munich-located company, Vector E-bikes. It accelerated to 50 mph and has a 120-mile range.


Created by a California-based company Vintage Electric, Scrambler is all about fun and adventure no matter the terrain. It is also fast, with top speed reaching 36 mph in the Race mode.

Q140R Boost: 72V 150A:

Q140R Boost is a top performance electric bike offered by a Slovenian manufacturer, Qulbix. It delivers 140 lb-ft of torque and punches to almost 45 mph.

HPC Revolution X7:

Among the 2018 additions to the lineup of Hi-Power Cycles is the Revolution X7 that is one of the fastest electric bikes in the world, that is capable of reaching the top speed of 60 miles per hour.

Kraken AWD 2.0:

Top Gun Bikes lineup includes one of the world’s most powerful electrically driven two-wheelers with pedals, which is appropriately named the Kraken.