Toddler Tantrums

Toddler Tantrums!

Remember the adorable little cherub you brought home from the hospital?

Ah, It seems like only yesterday. Now your baby has grown into a toddler. The world to them is filled with wonderment, learning and discovery… and frustrations. Things are wonderful, when all of a sudden, your little cherub turns into a little monster.

Your toddler has just shown you the power of the ‘T’ word… Tantrum. It is something every parent dreads, but it is inevitable at one point or another.

A tantrum is like an emotional blown fuse. It is not something your child can prevent. Tantrums generally occur when your child is very frustrated. The load of frustration builds up inside him until he is so full of tension that only an explosion can release it. He may run around the room wildly screaming, he may throw himself on the floor kicking and screaming. He seems to be totally out of control, and he is.

So what’s a parent to do?

You can help to prevent tantrums by organizing your toddler’s life so that frustration stays within his tolerance limits most of the time. This is not easy. You will not always mange to strike the right balance between the amount of frustration that is useful to your toddler’s learning and the amount which is too much.

When a tantrum does occur:

Prevent your child from hurting himself or hurting others during a tantrum

Don’t scream or yell at your child

Don’t argue with your child

Don’t let the child feel rewarded or punished because of a tantrum

Don’t let tantrums embarrass you into giving in to your child’s demands in public

No matter how much you hate your toddler’ tantrums, he hates them more! If your child has frequent tantrums, take heed. Toddlers who have alot of tantrums are often lively children who are also highly intelligent. Remember, it’s not easy being a toddler! The good news? As they grow upBusiness Management Articles, they will grow out of it.

Until they are teenagers.