Tips to Plan across Country cycling tour to Slovenia

The articles shares simple, handy tips and tricks to plan adventures cycling tours Slovenia. Its good idea to stay informed about the culture, tradition and before planning any cycling adventure to foreign country.

Cycling is a pleasant and healthy way to travel and experience the outdoors. There’s nothing like the freedom of riding a bike in a foreign land and hence, it is the ultimate way to seek out adventure. Before planning any Cycling Tours Slovenia, prepare yourself well with these handy tips:

1. Passport and visa validity: Do not forget to carry your essential documents like visa and passport and other identification proofs. Do proper visa research in advance, also pay attention to their validity. Finding embassy option along your route is also a great idea.

2. Store maps: Keep your maps and travel route information safe in pen drives. You can keep their printouts as well.

3. Medical Emergency: As you will be travelling in totally new locality, you should have emergency contact numbers in your mobile such as nearest hospital, police station is essential to keep you safe and secure.

4. Subscriptions and payments: Before leaving, make sure to cover all your bills, payments and other commitments. During the trip, you can use secure online banking to manage these.

5. Global SIM: An iPhone or advance gadget with the global Sim card will be helpful for communication. Don’t forget to carry a good battery charger and spare batteries. Games and music can also be good company.

6. Insured credit card: Carring credit card or visa payment mode is good option in case you go low on cash. Keeping a track of the nearest ATM or Banks is also important.

7. Relevant websites and news Feed: Keep a record of appropriate websites such as – Foreign Office, BBC etcFind Article, also set up an RSS feed to keep you informed about the latest news. Stay informed about the weather and political situations along your route of cycling tour in Slovenia.

8. Dress for comfort: Consider wearing a pair of sleek cycling shorts with no seams at the crotch as they have less fabric to wrinkle or bunch up. Wearing a special cycling shoes with a cleat fitted to the sole will help you in easy pedaling.

9. Good Road Sense: Google about the road sense of new place before going for cycling adventure and don’t ride side by side with another cyclist.