Tips to get best performance from your tires mile after mile


The condition of tires significant effect upon the braking, steering, traction, load support, comfort and fuel mileage like variables is directly linked with safe and comfortable driving. Under or over inflation, poor maintenance, road defects, structural defects, improper installation, overloading and ageing etc are the main factors that seriously affect the condition of tires. I understand that some of these factors like road defects and ageing are beyond personal control but we are lucky enough by having the control of others factors.  To maintain the right air pressure according to the recommendations level, check it at least once a week in cold condition. Don’t compromise even with slight air pressure variations. I notice many vehicle owners coming for tire replacement with improper alignment. Some vehicle owners think wheel alignment and balancing as the maintenance practices that are performed during tire replacement or periodic scheduled service. Contrary to this misconception, regular alignment and balance check is necessary for retaining the ideal shape of tires, to reduce pressure upon engine and to enjoy jerk free driving. The period for performing this check depends upon the road conditions and driving habits. Tire wears off may also lead to wheel misalignment. Periodic tire rotation (front tires to back and back tires to front) in four wheelers is another good trick to improve the performance of the tires. Rotate both the tires at one time. If your vehicle is expected to be ideal for log period, park it under shade or cover it properly as the sun increases the ageing effect.  Apart from developing regular checking/maintenance habits and improvement in driving habits is also essential to reduce your vehicle maintenance bill. Regular tire check and maintenance doesn’t need much time or technical skill; you just need to understand the importance of safety.

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