Tips For Buying A Used Bicycle

Tips For Buying A Used Bicycle

Are you looking to buy a used bicycle? Make sure you check it over thoroughly for carbon damage before purchase by watching our latest YouTube video. In the video, we take you through all areas of the frame and the types of damage that can occur.

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About Carbon Bike Repair Ltd (CBR)
Carbon Bike Repair was founded in May 2013 by our Managing Director, Rob Granville. CBR are specilists in carbon fibre bicycle repair, paint restoration and custom resprays. You might have seen Carbon Bike Repair being featured on Global Cycling Network (GCN) back in September 2018. CBR has grown extensively since Ollie from GCN visited us, offering a number of services ranging from bicycle health checks, carbon repair, paint restoration and full custom resprays based in Leatherhead, United Kingdom and Johannesburg, South Africa.

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  1. My Restoration on July 31, 2022 at 12:00 am

    Very helpful tips. Thanks Oscar!