The Rocky Road to Riches – Find the right vehicle.

If someone told you this road lead to riches, financial freedom or wealth… Would you take it?

The answer that most people would say is: “Yes… of course I would!!!”

The fact is most people would try but very few would make it to the end or even get a glimpse of the ‘Emerald City’.
You see this road is not like any normal road or highway, if it were,
everyone would make it to the end. This road is rocky it has many
twists, turns and detours that could get the novice traveler lost.

Preparation and planning is always the first step.

Just like taking a holiday trip you have to plan the route to your
destination. Also pack the right clothes, decide the right mode of
transportation and of course take some cash.

Can you imagine taking a vacation and not taking any cash? Well,
this journey is no different. The hard fact is, if you don’t have a job
now you will have to get one. Just like taking that vacation there will
be expenses along the way. This can be as low as the cost of a cup of
coffee or pop a day. Yes, it can be done on a low budget but it can’t
be done without any cash.

Let’s examine the mode of transport:

Having said all that lets take a look at what it takes to travel
this ‘Rocky Road to Riches’ and visit the ‘Emerald City’. There are no
guarantees on this journey. You will meet others who have quit the
journey and some that will join you in this quest and then quit. DO NOT LET THEM DISCOURAGE YOU. Remember you can not fail unless YOU quit!

Some of the reasons people traveling this ‘Rocky Road to Riches’ are:

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