The Importance of Movie Trailers


The real purpose of any movie trailer is to make the public aware about the movie and to get some interest and curiosity from them which will help the team to get some good profit from the movie. The sequence of scenes is not exactly what they are in the movie. Normally, a trailer is not more than two or two and a half minutes. The most interesting part of the movie trailers is that the scenes which are there in the trailer are the topmost shots of the movies which make the interest of the public and take them to the movie hall to watch that movie. This is the tool of marketing people to show only those scenes which can attract people and can get them to the movie hall. The above given fact can be supported by lot of examples but the best example can be the movie Terminator 2 ‘the judgment day’ in which the trailer was consisted of special scenes, which were never planned to be used in the movie but the kind of response and popularity. used in the movie ‘Hitchcock’s’ Psycho which was also a blockbuster. Most of the trailers are made when the production of the movie is going on, so that the editor of the trailer can work form the unedited version of the movie and can get the most happening scenes from the movie which would not be used in the final version of that movie, even the editor can use the music which is not been used in the movie.A movie trailer generally includes the logos of the distributor and the production company and the list of cast and the name of crew members. Movie trailers are the topmost source to figure out the performance of the movie at the box office as it represents the movie to the whole world and from this source, the production unit gets the response of the audiences mainly. Even in Hollywood there is a award for the best trailer every year which is known as golden trailer award.

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