The Advantages Of Using Adjustable Seatpost With Your Cycle

One of the most highly demanded and favoured product by cyclists around the world is the adjustable seatpost. In the past, cyclists relied on fixed seatposts, where the height of the seat could only be increased or decreased by adjusting the seatpost clamp through the manual operation of wrenches. But, the use of it has brought a sort of revolution in the world of cycling. Only a simple push of a remote button switch mounted around the handle that is connected by a wire enable riders to increase or decrease the height of the seat, even while riding. Also known as a dropper seatpost, the innovative product is steadily winning the hearts of cycling enthusiasts.

Easy to fit in your cycle


Riders do not need to buy a new special model of cycle so as to put a new adjustable seatpost. Manufacturers commonly produce adjustable seatposts in the BMX industry standard outer diameter of 27.2mm,  making it usable across several varieties of bicycles. Adjustable seatpost with outer diameters of 30.4mm , 30.9mm and 31.6mm are also widely available in the markets.


Unparalleled comfort


Different seating positions are required for easy maneuvering of the cycles across different terrains. All cyclists must have experienced that the position which would seem to be absolutely comfortable on a straight road could be really be hard around difficult uphill or downhill terrain. But being able to control the size of the seat with an adjustable seatpost, offers riders the flexibility to comfortably navigate across different terrains.


Higher efficiency and stability while riding


When the adjustable seatpost is up, pedaling becomes more efficient as cyclists can use the whole range of motion of their leg muscles. When the trail points downhill, dropping the seat allow cyclists to lower their center of gravity, in turn providing more riding stability. Thus, the rider has the freedom to choose the best seating position, based on their need to either ride faster or roll comfortably. All ‘Tour de France’ riders use adjustable seatpost with their cycles because of this very reason.


Different variations available  in the market


Several manufacturers currently produce different variants of adjustable seatposts based on different technologies. The most advanced as well as costly versions are operated by hydraulics. Similarly, there are also seatposts that are operated by air pressure. But the most commonly available ones are spring based variations. Hydraulics and air pressure operated seatposts require higher maintenance and are vulnerable to leaks, while spring operated versions often last longer and are easier plus cheaper to maintain.


Buy the adjustable seatpost that gives you the best value


Whether you are an urban rider or an adventurous mountain bike rider, seek the dropper seatpost that provides you the best value.  Choose a product that is comfortable to use but isn’t too expensive to buy and maintain either. Spring operated versions could be one of the better choices.  HoweverHealth Fitness Articles, in case of heavy duty mountain bike riding getting a hydraulic version can be worth it as well.