The 5 Most Bicycle Friendly Cities in the World

Riding bicycle is good for health and environment. Many countries are taking intiatives to safe environment. In which riding a bicyle is one of them. Here in this artice we have discussed some cities which are bicycle freindly.

The Bicycling allow to glimpse places close up and slower pace. When you are on cycle ride, it keeps you well aware of surrounding places and you able to experience places more intimately than you would never get that feeling as a bus and taxi passenger. You will have option to see more street life, the ongoing street businesses and meet people. It is also great way to enjoy your holiday. And cycling is easier in many countries for getting around town or for long distance touring.

In this article we have bring here helpful details of some bicycle friendly cities in the world, there you can chill you holiday with unforgettable cycling memories. So, have a look on below list.

This city is known for cycling as main transportation medium to easily reach each part of city. Copenhagen city is impressively steady urban design for bicycling, and it is a matchless city in the world.

The best part of Basel city is here you will found designated street lanes, independent bike path, and traffic system and bike maps. Rent a bike and go for stare the beauty of Basel City.

The name Paris is enough to fill the excitement to visit this city as close as possible. Just Amazing the beauty of Paris more closely to hand touch as well Eye. Paris offer free rental bikes service (Velib) and more that 440 km of cycle route. Don’t missed the chance to see Paris via Cycling.        

Berlin is one of best bicycling friendly country in this list. Here you will find 620 km bike paths, as well as a public bicycling sharing system that known as Call a Bike. According to survey in 2009, over 13% of the traffic of Berlin was by bike, and almost 50,000 Berlin Fellow riding bike every day.

Barcelona road system is surrounded by the bike paths wherever you go, and Barcelona also offer free bike sharing system that known as Bicing which offer 60Article Search,000 bikes in 420 stations throughout the city.