TEFL Experience in Shanghai with Delicious Snacks

Pursuing TEFL course or working as a professional EFL teacher in Shanghai can be enticing experience as you savor delicious Chinese snack.

EFL teaching has become a popular career choice in this present time as the demand for learning English is high all across the globe. There are countries in massive need of learning quality English to take part in global communication. China is one of the countries which feature a huge need for EFL teachers. Hence a professionally trained EFL teacher may consider this as a grand opportunity to shape a shining teaching career in the country. Shanghai features a number of international institutes that are offering tailor made TEFL training courses to prepare aspiring EFL teachers for global classroom and give a primary idea about the educational scenario in China. Even Shanghai can be an opportune destination for EFL teaching.
Teaching in Shanghai can be a fun experience. Even pursuing professional teacher training course in Shanghai can be exciting as well. The experience of working in China is always special as food serves a delightful purpose. Trying authentic Chinese snacks, while working in China is always ready to give an enticing experience. There are a number of snack recipes that one should not miss out while living in Shanghai as it is a great experience for any person in this world.

Pork ribs with fried cake
The pork ribs with fried cake are a famous and special snack which is available in Shanghai. This dish has a mouth watering history of more than 60 years. In this dish, the pork ribs are coated with special spice powders, flour and eggs and then cooked with soy sauce, sugar, spring onion, ginger and wine. After that the cooked pork ribs are wrapped with cake strips and deep fried. It is supremely delicious and comes with high nutritional value. This dish is being best served in the restaurant named Xiaochangzhou in Shanghai.

Leisha dumpling
Leisha dumpling is a signature snack in Shanghai. A restaurant called Qiaojiashan in Shanghai serves the best Leisha dumpling. This restaurant has a history of 70 years with this dish and it is simply delicious. The dumplings are round in shape. Those are filled with sweetened bean paste and pork. Then the dumplings are boiled. After draining the water when it is properly boiled, the dumplings are being rolled in dry red bean flour. Leisha dumplings are usually red in color.

Crab shell cake
It is one of the hot favorite snacks available in Shanghai. It is usually baked from ferment flour with oil, sweet feeling and sesame seeds. This snack is named after the color which yellow brown. It looks exactly like a cooked crab shell. The cake is crispy and has a nice sesame flavor. There are a number of options available like crab meat which is a usual choice in most of the cases. The other options are pork, spring onion, shrimp, bean paste and jujube paste. This snack is readily available in most of the tea houses in Shanghai.

Begonia cake
It is another popular snack available in Shanghai and it is mainly popular among older generation. The bean paste is wrapped in flour dough and nicely coated with slices of preserved fruits, sesame and sunflower seeds. The cake is baked in a mould shape that looks like a Begonia flower. Hence the cake is named after the flower. Moreover it is an enjoyable experience.

Tiaotou cake and mint cake
Cake is the most fascinating snacks available in Shanghai. All the choices of cakes available in Shanghai, Tiaotou cake, mint cake and double filling cake are more popular. The mint cake is baked with sticky mix of rice flour and mint. It is delicious and helps to deal with the summer heat. The Tiaotou cake is made with bean paste and rice flour mix. This cake is garnished with dried rose petals on the top. It is equally delicious and soft.
Shrimps and spring onion braised noodles
It is one another delightful dish one can experience in Shanghai. In this snackFree Reprint Articles, noodles are served in an interesting manner. Locals feel that having this snack is the best way to enjoy life.

Fried tofu soup
Tofu soup is the most traditional snacks available in Shanghai. The tofu soup is served with pan fried buns stuffed with pork.