Snacks for Toddlers and Kids That Provide Proper Nutrition


Preschoolers and infants require adequate amount of nutrition to grow and many kids in the age group of one to five years are reluctant to eat fruits and vegetables. Parents get worried of the health of kids who are too choosy for food and some take a longtime to finish one meal. Some are allergic to certain food items, and they may feel uneasy on taking such items. Kids may vomit certain food items which can be caused by acid reflux or allergies. If the kids in the age of one to five years are not given proper diet, they will not attain the needed physical or mental growth. After the age of five, allergic kids may have reduced symptoms of allergy towards milk and eggs.Parents should know how to prepare meals for toddler and kids. When the baby is more than six months old, the habit of eating should be developed. The infant should be given small quantities of food products that is easy to digest and the toddler should be given different items to make her taste the various kinds of items.For a picky eater, the parent should try to give many different food items in small quantities and for avid eater also small quantities will be helpful as it prevents overeating.Do not give packets of chips or biscuits to the kids whenever he/she are hungry. Avoid keeping the bottled juice in refrigerator if the kid fulfills the hunger only through the juices.If the kid is not ready to put anything new in mouth, do not force him/her. Some kids hate to eat green vegetables because it looks boring stuffs.Cheese helps in providing the required proteins and low fat cheese can be included in preparing snacks. Do not give excess of sweets and chocolates as it will damage the teeth. Always accompany the kids when they are taking a meal.Every day in the morning a toddler can be given milk with banana or apple. In the mid morning a bread piece with low fat cheeses can be given. Raisin, yoghurt, fruits bars and sliced tomatoes can be included in the lunch with rice or baked product. Many kids do not want to eat anything which has peels and sometimes kids do not want to take food which contains too much of chilly or spices. The digestive system of kids is in developing stage and they may be allergic to certain food items. The parents should be aware of the food products which causes allergy and avoid giving such foot items.The food items should not be served big in size.Kids like to eat small little pieces of fruits and vegetables. The big pieces can appear to be heavy for them. Green vegetables can be included in sandwiches in a way that it does not appear to contain vegetables. The shapes can be designed like stars or cartoons. Small sized pizzas can be made from vegetables and cheeses in the dinner and it can be cut – shaped in a way to attract the little ones. Pasta and noodles is also liked by kids if it is prepared with low spices.

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