Snacks for Diabetes Patients, Snacks to Prevent and Control Diabetes


Snacks for diabetes patients and snacks to prevent and control diabetes go hand in hand and both are important to note that they are intertwined. ‘Prevention is better than cure’ as the saying goes, but how many are bothered by this fact? You eat, swallow and munch anything that comes your way, provided it is not poisonous. Prevention and control in real terms, dwells on a strict balanced diet, no oversupply of any component and going as per the term BMI – body mass index requirements. Snacks per se are small quick fixes; that when summed up, will even be more than a normal meal many times. They are a necessity though and it is even recommended to snack once or twice in between meals, plus at least one at bed time to avoid hypoglycemia in the case of patients; but, consider the following too:1. Your lifestyle and habits associated with snacking.2. Planned daily regular meals vis-a-vis snacking.3. Your requirement in order to control and manage blood sugar.4. Your specific demand to control and manage calories against weight gain.Whether you want to control diabetes or prevent and control its propagation; it is important to choose snacks that are high in fiber, low in calories and moderate in carbohydrates and protein. In the name of controlling and preventing, others over eat and when obesity sets in, the vicious circle starts all over again. It is a common fact, many diabetic snacks or awful to the tongue, mass produced and poorly assembled; yes that’s true! But don’t forget you are very few. The manufacturer cares less about the looks after all the bulks of his products are tasty to everyone and move from shelves very fast.  Having understood that, you are snacking simply to balance your sugar and not for fun as a bad habit now we can go a step further to evaluate the looks of these snacks. Recipes are many in neat packages all over in our stores, or online that is well branded and written in big letters ‘for diabetes’ meaning you are welcome to pick and make yourself a snack suitable to your taste. For our discussion the debt of each will be left for future presentation but for purposes of labeling I will endeavor to pick a one or 2 in passing.2 or 3 slices of whole wheat bread – brown if possible – with 2 ounces of turkey topped with mustard, lettuce, and tomato or tomato sauce. This snack will supply you with sufficient carbohydrates, protein and vitamins and serve as a special local snack; no heating required.You are allowed to make any for yourself; while keeping in mind the fact that, sugar should be low while the entire framework is as balanced in diet as possible. At your disposal are the many ingredients from breakfast cereal, skim milk, cucumber, cogets, greens, honey, peanut butter, carrots, fish, and chicken to berries and beans; which you can make your combination. The additives are plenty and appetizing; but take note not to break the cardinal rule of pumping yourself with useless empty junk, that end up doing the reverse. The rule of thumb is to have if possible a steady supply of at least 30-35 gms of carbohydrates per snack.You are advised to take your time to choose ready made snacks that are healthy and beneficial; if you are not in a position to make yourself one. The same applies to proteins and vitamins. This combination will help you stay full longer; keeping your digestion busy and prevent your blood sugar from challenging the system in between meals. It is no emphasizing, one fact to all whom intent to prevent or control the advent of the disease that we must revisit the fact of the balanced diet. The only pursuit is straight to the following 5 foods.1. Whole grain foods as a perfect carbohydrate supply2. Lean meat and fish for protein3. Vegetables for vitamins and fiber4. Yogurt for low fat properties5. Low-fat cheesesThe five are here to caution you and make you avoid develop the disease and gain any unnecessary weight.

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