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An online shop is a good alternative to brick and mortar shop.Visiting local stores take up a lot of time. Traveling to a store at a different area of town also costs money. Once there, one has to walk around to find out the product you are looking for. The store may not have the product or they might have run out of stock. Online shopping has done away with all these and allows you to shop from the comfort of your home. This saves you time, money and energy. All that one needs to do is to go to the website of the online shop and browse through the products catalogue and select the one you like. You can specify a particular product as the catalogue contains only those available at their warehouse.Price is a major factor while buying from an online shop or a store. Online shops update their prices very fast and have the lowest prices. This is because they do not have overheads like renting a floor space, wages, cost of transporting; window displays to attract customers etc. Maintaining a warehouse to store their products with minimal number of employees to facilitate shipping and tracking inventory is the only thing needs to be done by an online store. Products availability is automatically updated on the website whenever they are sold or whenever new stock arrives. These are some benefits of shopping online instead of at a local store.Shopping Online has become a lot easier and safer today. Unlike a few years back, there are lots of reputed online stores that deliver the products in time. Also the chance of getting scammed has come down over the years. Shipping the products to smaller towns at reasonable cost the next day is very common feature of online stores. For certain high priced items, some companies bear the cost of shipping.Most online stores maintain a mailing list to inform the customers who opted to receive mailers about new products on offer, about discounts and promotions. Customer is informed with the click of a mouse. If one likes a product on offer or promotion, all that they have to do is to visit the online store’s website, log-in and check if the product they have been looking for is in the list.Online shopping is here to stay as it is convenient, cost effective and safe. Most payments are through credit cards. In case of any dispute or fraudulent transaction, it will be reversed if proven. Most people get hooked to online shopping as they find it very convenient way to shop as it reduces the number of trips to the local store and saves time and money.

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