Schwinn 230 Recumbent Exercise Bike


The  Schwinn 230 is a top rate recumbent exercise bike that is loaded with  features.  Exercising in a reclining or recumbent position allows users  to have total ergonomic back support, discouraging muscle strain in the  neck, arms and shoulders as opposed to the strain that can occur when  using an upright machine.  Exercise bikes are simple and effective cardio machines that also help to strengthen and tone the lower body.   Almost anyone can easily use a recumbent exercise bike while enjoying  the aerobic benefits of riding a bicycle at anytime no matter the  weather conditions.This  Schwinn 230 has a sleek and futuristic look and great features.  This  well-built, easily adjustable bike comes with 6 preset programs, 10  courses and 16 levels of resistance.  The presets include programs for a  ride in the park, strength interval and cross training among others.   This sturdy machine is nearly silent while in operation and offers  dual-position lumbar support, Schwinn bio-fit petals, transport wheels,  adjustable angle LCD viewing console, reading rack and water bottle  holder for comfort and convenience.Schwinn  is one of the most well known and trusted bicycle companies worldwide.   The assembly is relatively pain free in comparison with many other  types of exercise equipment and comes with easy to follow directions.   Schwinn warrants the frame for 10 years, mechanical and electrical  components for 1 year, wear items for 6 months and labor for 90 days.   This is a fairly good warranty as most problems or defects present  themselves in the first few weeks of operation.

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