Review of etrailer Athletic Apparel – Jerseys – e54JR

Review of etrailer Athletic Apparel – Jerseys – e54JR

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Full transcript:
Hi everyone. It's Evangeline here at etrailer, and today we are taking a look at the etrailer button down cycling shirt. This is going to be a relaxed fit for a casual feel, that's why you have the longer sleeves, the loose cut around the waist and the chest, as well as the hip length hem. So you do have different sizes as well as fits. I'm currently wearing the women's cut while we are taking a look at the men's cut. So then you have this button down cycling shirt, popular with recreational riders, as well as mountain bike riders, because of its ease of movement around the shoulders.

But also it’s not too long where it interferes with your saddle. You also have that classy design for hanging out after the ride. Now the fabric is going to be made of a comfortable and moisture-wicking material. So notice how lightweight it is around the shirt itself, but you do have these reinforced seams along the collar, the neck line, and your buttons. That’s why you have that heavy and retained shape compared to the loose fit of the shirt itself.

Now for the men’s fit, it’s going to have its buttons on the left lapel, while for the women’s fit, it’s going to be on the right lapel. Other than that, it’s going to be very similar in design, like how it has two zippered pockets along the back. So you can see here, the zipper is open on this side. Measuring from the bottom of the zipper to the hem is going to be four inches of height. Here at the top of the zipper to the hem, it’s going to be seven inches of pocket height.

Perfect for your smaller items, like your wallet, your keys, or even your phone. There is also a front pocket where the etrailer logo is. You can also see the etrailer logo along the sleeves, as well as at the back of the shirt, underneath your collar. Now, when you are done with your ride, you can actually throw this right into your washing machine. It is machine washable.

Wash it on warm. Afterwards, hang it out to dry instead of throwing it into your dryer. There are different sizes ranging from small all the way to extra, extra large for the men’s fit. Just double check the size chart just to get the right fit for you. It is true to size, just match up those measurements. I also have this paired with our etrailer cycling shorts and our etrailer liner. You can find those in men’s fit as well. But right here, right now, this was a look at the etrailer button down cycling shirt. My name is Evangeline and I hope you enjoyed the journey. Ow!.