Pipeline Application In Oil Industry


Petroleum machinery mainly related to drilling, oil drilling rig used in the construction, oil pump, all kinds of casing pipes, sucker rods, drill bits and various oil field special car body parts. Most of these devices in harsh conditions in the oil mining project site, many metal parts and the loads associated with corrosion, wear, causing them to fail prematurely occurred while improving start life damage, repair or replacement parts cut to increase both a material impact on the cost of oil production, bringing a wide range of losses. Here is a different surface treatment technology to do some of the overview.Β In the pipeline, due to the external environment and internal multi-phase media’s role, making the pipes are subject to internal and external corrosion in varying degrees, resulting in more serious consequences grace. For different forms of pipeline failure and the environment, to form a complete set of pipeline corrosion systems. Currently the pipeline industry, the main application of surface engineering technology for the paint coating, while the light lining technology, mending technology and insulation technology, and so on.Β As offshore oil exploration and development, machinery and equipment operations at sea more and more. Offshore oil, gas equipment, color, undersea pipelines, offshore platforms, are also exposed to corrosive sea water corrosion. As the special environment at sea, marine steel anti-corrosion measures are different, but in most cases, the thermal spray coating technology and coating technology. Marine splash zone is the use of more classical coating, 70/30Ni-Cu alloy coated alloy or 90/10Cu-Ni is a good anti-corrosion effect. In recent years, thermal spraying of metal has also been vigorously promoting. Oil platforms in the ocean and beach area of the atmosphere, are used to protect the coating. The structure of some complex shape plus the use of dip galvanized coating, spraying aluminum, zinc and other metal processing closed layer was also widely used.Β In the oil industry, the failures of drilling machinery, oil pipelines, pumps, valves, transport equipment, tanks, reactors and even steel pipe(seamless steel pipe, mild steel pipe) are due to corrosion, wear and tear. The final result is not only caused the pipeline, storage tanks, drill pipe, deep well pump and other facilities such destruction and crude oil spill direct economic losses, but also cause fires, explosions and other catastrophic accidents and environmental pollution, production downtime and other serious consequences, greatly affected the safety and economic benefits.Β 

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