Official LIKEaBIKE UK:

Official LIKEaBIKE UK:

LIKEaBIKE UK is the sole UK distributor for LIKEaBIKE.

We believe LIKEaBIKEs from Kokua are the best wooden and aluminium balance bikes bikes in the world.

The LIKEaBIKE is similar to a ride-on as it has no pedals or brakes, and comes in sizes from wooden toddler bikes to bikes for small adults. Kokua have been producing these superb balance bikes since they invented the concept in 1997.

KOKUA is a small family-run business in Roetgen, Germany. It has an undisputed reputation for innovation in the bike industry, and each LIKEaBIKE is completely hand-built by a single highly-skilled engineer.

Unlike cheaper copies the wooden LIKEaBIKEs are made using marine plywood. Kokua also use the best quality stainless steel fastenings available to ensure that their wooden balance bikes are still going strong after several years! Kokua has also designed the Jumper, which is like a high quality mountain bike for children – but like LIKEaBIKE, it has no pedals or brakes.

All LIKEaBIKE balance bikes have high-quality branded tyres and the seats are hand-made using 100% organic cotton. LIKEaBIKE learner bikes have undergone strict testing to ensure there are no harmful chemicals present in any component.

All LIKEaBIKEs benefit from a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty and are built to the highest standards possible.

Lots of companies have tried to copy the idea, but there’s still no other balance bike quite like LIKEaBIKE!