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From the wide range of supplements there are few which could be said as the hot favorite for example the protein bars which is used by a higher percentage of the people who usually consume supplements for the purpose of body building. There is a huge variety available of these bars which have been admired the most by their users and also there are people who have replaced their regular meals with these protein bars and also got the favorable results. There are many researches in progress which are looking out for the results that whether these bars are really sufficient for the body and do they really carry the required and sufficient amount of minerals and nutrients needed by a human body and also in the recent past practitioners have tried to examine these bars with some fine tooth comb to check that whether these bars really work or not. Generally the most common trick of the manufacturers work to increase the up selling of these bars and that is mislabeling. Usually most of the bar manufacturing companies mislabel their bars that it contains all the necessary and essential components which a human body needs. None of the user can find out that what all are the ingredients used in the manufacturing process of this bar unless the get the bar tested from any of the laboratory because only with the help of a medical practitioner one can find out the results. Usually people believe on what they read and this is the main support to these nutritional bars manufacturing companies as they mislabel their bars and write whatever they want and these descriptions directly increase their sales.In a recent study this has been found that 18 out of the 31 nutritional bars who acclaim to be the best available nutritional bars are mislabeled and they do not carry all the ingredients which are displayed in the ingredient list. The most common mislabeling is done in the amount of carbohydrates amount in then bars.

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