MTB kids – 'I've got this mummy!' – toddler riding dirt jumps!

MTB kids – 'I've got this mummy!' – toddler riding dirt jumps!

Gave our toddler that unstoppable feeling by teaching him how to ride dirt jumps… then taking him to ride at Fleet dirt jumps (the Edenbrook Bike Track) on his new @Spawncycles Yoji bike! Harley was busy showing off his new ‘squash and pop’ skills learned from his BMX coach Smiley (Smileys Flight Club!) to his friends… and to anyone else nearby too! Maybe one day GMBN – @gmbntech – will do a feature on the best kids bikes and places to take them to ride :p

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Did you see our LIVE stream from this ride on Sunday 30th?! Should we do more behind the scenes of these MTB edits – drop us a comment below!!

For the full edit of today:

Riding the MTB dirt jumps at Fleet – at 3 years old!

Link to the dirt jump livestream in the morning – the REAL behind the scenes:

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