Moving at Night: The Holistic Challenge of Bike Riding in the Dark

So if you bike at night, it usually is around a definite schedule,
where as day time biking can meet the demands of all types of bikers. In the
night, you tend to have more specific locations where we are going. It requires
more planned precision that day riding. You must be aware of your surroundings
even more. You can’t deviate too much from your path due to sheer darkness. So
to be an effective nightrider, one must be prepared with effective lighting,
appropriate clothing, and a higher awareness.

When you ride during the day, your list is shorter, but at
night it becomes an art form to properly prepare for a cold night ride. The
event requires great lighting for the front rear and sides if you want to be
lit up by all vehicular traffic. The saying goes, “Have a headlight to satisfy
the law, but have a taillight to save your life”.

You can buy lit up spokes, and pedals so really there is no
limit to how you can light up a city block. The trick becomes being careful and
recognizing you are lit up, but not everybody else is. Pedestrians often don’t
think about their own safety with lights and are out in dark clothes from work
or otherwise. If you ride at night, you already know how many people still ride
bikes with out any lighting. It is very easy to obtain lighting that might save
your life.

When you ride at night, outside of warmer months, good
clothing can make riding pleasurable year round. I like to ride with a basket
or a backpack because how easy it is to transport items. If you have gloves,
ear coverage and other exposed skin is covered if needed than year round riding
is easy.

I believe riding at night can just be so peaceful, but it
has its full share of surprises such as raccoons, foxes, skunks, deer, cats and
dogs. The animals that I have encountered are as surprised as me especially if
your bike is tuned up and you are as silent as they are! You really need to
remember others like to be out here too, so take your time and enjoy your ride.

If you are well lit and comfortable you won’t surprise
people, bikes, cars, or animals. You should be a lucky person if you have found
safe routes and feel comfortable riding in your community at night. As an
individual you can only do so much, as a resident of your community, get
involved with the city transportation themes and get your two cents inFree Web Content,
especially if you want to have safe bike rides.