Moderate exercise is necessary for good health.

At a minimum, walk a mile or more several times a week (or
daily) and move the arms around to loosen up the joints.

If you can’t walk or ride a stationary bicycle, use a
rowing machine, swim, or join wheel chair races.

If you can do none of these things, you have my sympathy.

I had a young colleague who suffered from polio in child-
hood, so one leg was short and supported by a built-up shoe.
One day, this person was absent from the office, because a
lung had collapsed. He should at least have worked up his
pulse rate and breathing on a rowing machine, several times
per week.

Recent TV news said walking as little as 2½ hours per week
can reduce rates of breast cancer, so 5 hours can’t hurt
females or males.

I find that a brisk half hour walk raises my pulse to about
115, then it drops back below 70 by the time I have finished
my morning shower. My normal neighborhood route measures 1.8

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