Luna Bars Are Especially Made For Women


 while the main Clif bar line is targeted at men.  There are different kinds of Luna bars. These are such as; chocolate Raspberry, cookies and cream delight, lemon zest, iced oat meal, white chocolate macadamia, peanut butter cookies, apple cinnamon, caramel nut brownie, nuts over chocolate,   chocolate peppermint stick, chai tea, toasted nuts and cranberry and chocolate pecan pie.There are two types of Luna bars. The majority of them have some type of sweet topping. These tend to be the best. There is more in the way of flavor satisfaction as well as moist rich texture.   The other type, without the topping, tends to be more similar to a dried out saw dusty granola bar.  Luna bars do not have as many distinctively bad ingredients as other snack food. But they do have up to a whopping thirteen grams of sugar per 180 calorie bar. The bars often include processed soy as one if the first ingredients. Luna bars provide a quick sugar rush, but whole grains, vegetables and fibrous fruits that give you long lasting energy. Luna bars are excellent mid-meal snacks especially for women that provide optimum nutrition based on their daily energy needs. These bars are completely made by wheat and are packed with the goodness of high quality protein and carbohydrates along with a host of nutrients such as vitamin-B6, B12, folic acid and essential minerals such as iron, calcium and zinc. Women tend to perform numerous tedious tasks on a daily basis. They have to juggle between office and home and also run after their kids. Diet plays an important part in maintaining the health and vitality of an individual. Menstruation, pregnancy and menopause can take a toll on the health of a woman and she can succumb to a lot of health problems if she does not get optimum nutrition from her diet. Luna energy bars are filled with all the essential nutrients that are required by women and may be absent from their diet and aid in enhancing their health and stamina. It is best to eat Luna bars when you get that craving to hit the cafeteria. Luna bars meant to give you an additional boost if your energy reserves are reducing. 

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