Ingenious Apps for Twitter for Better Twitter Presence

Your Twitter
presence can be touched up quite colorfully, if you are a business holder, let
the world know about your business in the most proper way through your Twitter profile,
or if you’re a lawyer, a TV anchor, a painter, or in fact anybody, your profile
will tell the world how good a businessman, a lawyer, or an artist you are.

And for this, you
can try out various wonderful backgrounds offered for free by the background
producing applications. Twitter Backgrounds Gallery, Colourlovers Themeleon,
Twitrounds, are some of the applications offering Twitter backgrounds to make
your profile wear the right kind of clothes.

Then there is Scripts4Twitter
one of the distinct apps for Twitter offering backgrounds. The best thing about
it is that it not just offers you to have a stunning looking background for
your profile but also lets you to attract visitors and earn money as you can have
your own Twitter Background generating website helping you to give away
backgrounds to your site visitors.

What is it that
you can’t do on your Twitter profile, if you have some apps at your desk
helping you out? So, if you want to check out all the geo-located tweets from
your friends on the Google Maps, you have a smart little app called Tweography.
Again, you have Spiggler, this also presents all the tweets with their
geo-locations information on to a Google Map, making it possible for you to
make out if anyone from your workplace or neighborhood is tweeting. You can
even try using TwitHawk, another application that locates all the Twitter
conversations according to their locations, and topics being discussed in them.

Twitter can be
turned into a magnificent game playing club with the apps for Twitter offering incredible
games to play. If you’re a chess lover, ChessTweets is what you should be
playing around with, card players have Thirty One to try out, and if you simply
love fiddling around with words and letters, and love all sorts of word
puzzles, you must try out Hangtwit.

Twitter can
become your picnic spot, with games to play, things to share, stories to tell,
and with the usage of various different apps for Twitter, you can make it a
perfect place for shopping, selling, sharingFree Reprint Articles, and really lot more!