How to Select Quality Bikes For Kids

Riding a bike is one of the passages of
childhood. Most children go through it. Childrens
generally fall into one of a number of different size categories
which are based on their size and age. Be sure that you choose a bike that is
appropriate for your child’s age and size. Kids’ bikes can be found in boys’
styles, girls’ styles or gender neutral styles.


A BMX (named after Bicycle Motor Cross) is a single speed, usually
20″ wheeled bike. Very popular in their cheaper versions with younger
children, these bikes have now grown into a cult scene with stars, making
BMXing a hugely popular sport. Always check with the store first and enquire
about these before rushing into a purchase. Mountain Bikes like BMX’s come in both cheap and quality versions.


Before you purchase anything make sure to do research about the
different types of kids bicycles.
Kid’s bikes are measured by the wheel size, 12″, 16″, 18’
20″ and 24″.


          Bike Wheel

Age 2 – 5         
12 inches

Age 4 – 8         
16 inches

Age 6 – 9         
18 inches

Age 8 – 12         20 inches

     24 inches

Once you’ve determined the look and
size of the bike, it’s time to think about what kind of bike your kid needs. If
he or she is going to be riding out in the countryside or on unpaved roads,
you’re going to need to select a bike with more ruggedBusiness Management Articles, chunkier tyres with a
deeper tread that will hold up to a lot of abuse. When you are buying children’s bikes you can not forget to
pick up a helmet at the same time. The helmet will protect your child from most
head injuries while they are riding their new bike. These are some of the main
issues to help choose the best of children’s bikes for your youngster.