How to Hit the Golf Ball on a Downhill Lie

The downhill lie is considered to be one of the most difficult shots in golf. The reason for this is that most golfers tend to mishit these shots by topping the ball. Topping the ball means that the bottom of the club makes contact with the top half of the ball. This is definitely not ideal and will result in a lot of worm burners and frustration on your part. So here are a couple of tips to help you with a downhill lie.

Firstly, always remember to take a club that has more loft than the one you would usually take to help you get the golf ball higher into the air. The reason for this is that the ball will have a lower trajectory off a downhill lie. Do not worry about losing distance with a more lofted club as the golf ball will fly further on a downhill shot.

Secondly, the ball flight of a downhill lie will fade slightly so make sure that you compensate for this movement by aiming slightly to the left.

Thirdly, you should try to align your shoulders with the angle of the slope. Therefore your left shoulder will be slightly lower than your right shoulder. This will encourage you to swing down on the back of the ball, which is correctScience Articles, at the point of contact. Your club will make solid contact with the ball and you won’t top it.

Remember that your swing should follow the angle of the slope and consequently your follow through should be low to the ground after impact.

The position of the ball should be in the middle of your stance for the shorter irons and further forward for the longer irons.

I hope this helps.