How to adjust the gears on your bike

Nothing can be more hassling when you face problems with best mountain bike under 100 gear because it is complaining and difficult to fix in thesame position. Properly indexing gear in thesameposition is one of the critical things for thebike. However, though it is hassled and difficulttask but still you have adjusted the gear on your bike whether you face problem to de-index.

If you know that right way to adjust the gear that would comparatively easy, safe and lowtime-consuming. In this article, I am going to guide by few steps that might show you that how to adjust the gears on your bike.

Step 1: Put your bike on right position

Whether you are planning to adjust your bike gear, you should place the bike in a safe and comfortable position. Unless feeling comfortable, it would be difficult to manage necessary tools. The most suggested position is to put the bike on a higher place around 2 feet from your landing position. However, you can use a stated to hold the bike stand to work on the gear.

Step 2: Run the bike with maximum Speed

Before starting to fix a problem, it is important to know that what is the problem, where is the problem and how much is the problem. However, you should run the bike wheel with maximum speed to identify the problem and it a length. Another important work to do that you have to change the gear with every single gear.

Step 3: Check the gear cable

All the bike riders know that gears handle by a speed cable. Before adjusting the gear it is important to check the gear cable and its length as well as strength. Try to fix the problem primarily by turning cable length. If you find a wrong with the cable, then you should sole it know tarn start on the gears.

Step 4: Remove the gear cable

Before starting to work on gears you have to make the work easy and make a suitable position that you can use to handle the gear. Gear cable is the immediate front before bears. Whether you want to adjust gears, you have to remove gear cable first and index gears and chain comfortably. Although you have to be very careful to open the gear cable lock otherwise, it Cebu be broken by a simple mistake.

Step 5: Index Gears

This is the final step to place every gear properly. When you remove gear chain now, you index the gears one by one at the right position and keep your attention to the chain and gear position that should be made anyway. Here is something to be careful that you might index the chain at the perfect position to ride the bike properly.

Final Step:

Rejoin everything after adjusting your bike gears; this is time to rejoin the other components like gear cable and lock. You have to focus on the cable they should lock with appropriate length. Unless placing with thewronglengthFree Web Content, you might face theproblem again to ride on.