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Horse racing has been into existence for many decades. We have observed that many high-profile people and even celebrities get attracted towards betting on horse. Some people consider it as an addiction. However, it is highly recommended to get the complete information about this type of racing so that you do not lose money. In order to win the race, you can even contact an expert or professional having the knowledge and experience of horse racing. He will be able to guide you better so that you can increase your profits and earning. Some of the useful key points are mentioned below:Tip #1First of all, you must always start by looking at horse racing form. You will be able to avail these forms at newsstands and tracks. These days, you can even get them online and you also need to consider contacting the trainers and the jockey. You can find them very easily and move on to the next step.Tip # 2The next step is to consider the recent form. You can analyse the current race to get the idea about the performance of a horse. You must consider his last three races to actually see what kind of performances have been shown by the horse. You should note the finishing position and speed figures. These numbers can be compared with other field to actually get an idea about the performance of a particular horse. Depending upon what you find is right; you can choose the best one.Tip # 3It is a well known fact that some horses perform well on grass field while others are good at dirt field. This is one of the most challenging tasks to judge the performances of different horses according to courses and surfaces. It may take some time for you to gather this information from various sources. However, this is one of the most important parts of horse racing.Tip # 4Some horses are prepared for stamina while some of them are for speed. Depending upon what your passion is, you can place your bet and make an entry into the racing world. It is important to observe the race yourself carefully so that you can eliminate your weakness in next races.

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