High-speed driving attention to speed difference nine note help you hedge


“Speed difference”, taken literally, is driving the same two cars of the differences between the speed. The size of the speed difference to grasp is for the car after the decision, but from the actual situation look, many limber some drivers drive civilization behavior, can make originally reasonable speed difference suddenly big or small, improper disposal and car after caused by accidents.To speed difference grasp of accurate or not, is the key whether high-speed driving safety. Tubal branch has done quite a lot to lower the speed of poor design and effective measures, like out of the mouth (into) reduced (add) speed lane, trucks special climbing lanes, according to FenDao driveway per hour, but hold speed difference more important or the driver of the personal control. So, how to grasp the speed difference?Familiar with the brakes: brake is to narrow the two workshop speed difference of the most direct method, therefore, on the front to inspect condition, especially the brake system must pay special attention. If it is a borrowed vehicles, more must first train brake feeling, for every car brake or soft or hard, all different.Control the safety car from: high speed constant attention to speed, good control from the safety car. Highway roads according to set up different speed limits and these Settings are all subject to the security of the determination, not speeding. The higher the speed, the greater the speed difference, once has the danger will be difficult to control.Don’t talk to the car: if some high-speed like follow limber driving, think that can fuel efficient energy, in fact do so more dangerous. Because of the speed changing vehicles, followed after car from driving the speed difference between unceasingly will also change, or should you own pace to drive.Note truck: trucks often faster than the small car is slow, and the black tail gas emissions will keep out of sight, so that the car is not easy to judge from the car and master the speed difference. Especially need to pay attention, don’t use the word climbing trucks in roughly, this is quite dangerous.Highway entrances: in and out of the highway vehicles and normal vehicles will form the speed difference. Into the high speed to try to cautious, pay attention to the car, high speed to change the course prepare well in advance.Tunnel entrance: high-speed tunnel usually is 80 km/hour speed limit, into the tunnel vehicles have a slow down before the process, prepare to enter the tunnel with normal vehicle of the vehicle will increase the speed difference between, which should be pay attention to.Bridges and on the downhill: after bridge and road vehicles on the downhill to climb through the process and the downhill, the car GPS vehicle will show a slow speed and to speed up the process, the speed difference between vehicles will be corresponding widening or narrowing.Long time takes up the overtaking way: overtaking way is highway overtaking vehicle for and speed of the meet the required vehicle provides driving on the roads, but some drivers drive to much time duration overtaking way, make originally need to use the overtaking car can only overtaking word from the speed relatively low carriageway overtake. In this way, trying to overtake car and its speed difference increase, was forced to car camera from overtaking carriageway, increased with originally in the wild traffic moving speed difference between, easy to cause an accident.Export emergency on the brakes: this kind of situation mainly appear in not familiar to road condition on the driver. Because of the high speed export not familiar with, in the export position will suddenly to slow down, watch DiShiPai export. This sudden movement increases the rear brake on normal traffic and the speed difference between, even if the car in time after disposal caused no accident, also can let the car driver was in a cold sweat. So, for route is not ripe for drivers, on the former must do sufficient preparation. Really need to stop, can be DianCha remind of the rear of the vehicle.

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