Hero Honda Bikes Technically Superior Bikes

The Hero Honda bikes price list
should be looked into if you want to buy a bike from Hero Honda that
suits you style and budget. There are many bikes that one can choose
from right from the budget bike, which is the Hero Honda CD dawn that
comes to a cost of Rs. 32,000 and is good for daily commuters who run
the bike from home to office daily. The most expensive one is of course a
fancy bike that is fit for youngsters, which is the Hero Honda Karizm
that can be bought for Rs. 80,000 approximately.

Let us take a look at the Hero Honda Glamour and the Hero Honda Passion. :

The Hero Honda Glamour comes in two versions, one is the Hero Honda
glamour 125 cc and the other is the Hero Honda Glamour FI 125 cc. both
have great looks and come with advanced technology. The enhanced graphic
designed on the body give a very good look and is admired by the
youngsters for its sporty looks. The Hero Honda Glamour prices
are different as the Glamour will cost you around Rs. 48,000 and the
Glamour FI will cost you around Rs. 52,000 approximately, which are show
room prices and might increase. The Glamour is for those who prefer
stylish bikes and love to ride them to college or for picnics. The bike
has good handling features, good maintenance support and has a
reasonable price. Even the resale value is good.

The Hero Honda Passion on the other hand is a great looking bike with
great fearuers equipped in the bike to give it more life and durability
in the long run. The Hero Honda Passion price is Rs. 45Science Articles,480
approximately and might be more of less in different regions of India.
The Passion plus comes in 11 vibrant colors to attract the youngsters.
You will now get the improved version and can ride with ease and style.
It has great graphics on the body and the tank and a black painted
engine on the chain case and also on the front forks. The mileage
produces is 55 kmpl in the city and 65 kmpl on highways.