Great Night Lights For Kids


When looking for night lights for kids, there are many choices available for purchase. Each one will vary in light output, feel, shape, color, and size. Depending on the person, multiple lights might be needed for one room. Comfort from darkness is provided by night lights for children of all ages. Adults even usually like to have a night light in their rooms. The most common night lights are the kind that you plug into the nearest electrical outlet. These can be exiting kinds such as animal shapes and cartoon characters or just plain bulbs. Nowadays there are also led bulb lights which use very little electricity. The cost of these can be slightly more expensive, but are a good choice because they last a long time. Led bulbs are an earth friendly, green option, that is only getting cheaper and more popular with time.One of the most popular night lights for kids today is the cloud b constellation night light. These come in three kinds: turtle, sea turtle, and lady bug. They look like stuffed animals and are about 12 inches in length. Children can use these as a night light and a toy. When the turtle night light shell gets pushed, star patterns of light are projected onto the walls and ceiling of the room, and the cloud b lights run on three triple a batteries. This provides a learning experience for viewing the most well know star constellations as well as a comforting light for getting to sleep. After being pressed, the light lasts for about 45 minutes before automatically turning off. These cuddly and cute reptiles and bug are favorites of kids of many ages, and create a fun bedtime experience. These cost in the region of 20 to 30 dollars from a good store. This is more expensive than plain lights that just plug into the wall, but you cannot match the experience that you get with these. Boys tend to like the turtle night light best, and girls often favor the lady bug.Constellation products can now make night time a more comforting time. A soothing glow is provided for the time when the child is falling asleep, the most important time for needed a light. Sometimes adding the little glow star stickers can be an extra added benefit in addition to the night light. These can be placed on walls and the ceiling and will charge up during the daylight hours. This can be additional fun for a child’s room during the night.When picking out the best night lights for kids, be sure to decide on one that will offer the most comfort at night for your son or daughter. With so many choices it may seem overwhelming at first, but there are a few standard favorites that will always be great choices. You might even decide to give them as gifts too.

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