Fruit: Makes For A Great Healthy Snack

If you step into the average health food store, you can find literally dozens of different items that promise to make your diet healthier. Granola bars. Natural foods. Protein shakes. All of these will definitely make you healthier, but they can be fairly expensive and unsavory. With all these options, too many people are beginning to overlook the most basic of all healthy foods: the fruit. Fruit is very healthy for you, it tastes good, and if you buy it in the right season it is very cheap. So consider fruit next time you’re looking for a healthy snack.

Fruit’s main benefit comes from the many vitamins and minerals contained within. Oranges and citrus fruits contain large amounts of vitamins C, A and E. These help to protect your body from illnesses, and build up your immune system. They act as anti-oxidants, which you can always use more of.

Fruit also acts as a natural laxative. So, if you’ve been having problems with your digestion, then you should consider eating a few fruits and gaining the benefits of their roughage. When your body is getting rid of waste, the fruit material will help keep things going.

Diets high in fruit are linked to reduced risk of many maladies such as stroke, heart disease, cancer, cataracts, Alzheimer’s, and other symptoms of old age. Nobody can stay young forever, but a few fruits every day will help you stay young longer.

Fruits are great for losing weight. You get a sweet and filling snack, but it is extremely healthy for you. What more could you ask for? The USDA recommends that you eat 5 servings of fruit per day, and few people reach that benchmark. So next time you are at the grocery storeFree Articles, stop by the produce section and get a nice bag of apples or oranges.