Forest Trails at Periyar National Park That You Must Know


Periyar National Park is the oldest and best known National Park in India. It is located at 145 kms from Madurai. Though this park was developed in 1934, by the erstwhile Trancore Princely State but now it has expanded to the size of 780 sq km. in 1950, this park became famous by the name of ‘Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary’. In ‘Periyar National Park’, the entry fee is $7.In ‘Periyar Park’, we can observe the wildlife from special boats which surf the waters of the lake. Due to this the animals don’t get disturbed by the human visitors. One can enjoy by viewing, different types of animals near the lake. They can see wild elephants, bears, sambhar, bision and spotted deer as well as many screeching monkeys near the lake. This sanctuary is a part of project tiger. Basically, people come here and enjoy the Indian elephant’s abulting in the Periyar Lake. Visitors especially the children really enjoy this natural site.In Periyaar National Park, birds like Kingfishers, racket-tailed Drongoes, cormorants, hornbills etc are found. Python and a King Cobra are frequently spotted by the visitors while trekking in the Periyar National Park.The best time period to visit the Periyar National Park is from October to June. Usually when it rains, the chances of sighting the animals become less as the animals come to the lake to fulfill their need of water. So visitors can enjoy the animals in the lakes when the sources of water in the interior of the forest have exhausted. They come to the lake only in search of water. In the vicinity of Periyaar, there is a cardamom hill which is worth exploring.In the centre of the park, there is a lake which is very beautiful and also gives a pleasant look to the visitors. Visitors automatically get attracted towards this lake. Periyar national park is surrounded by deciduous forest. It provides visitors the feeling of fresh and untainted air. Visitors usually enjoy the inhaling of fresh air emitting from the deciduous forest. There are so many factors in the Periyar National Park which compel the tourists to revisit the park. Visitors enjoy their morning as well as evening boat cruise in addition to wild elephants frolicking in the lake. Some of them can enjoy bird watching also.Usually people move in a group to enjoy more and more. Many tourist services are also available to ease the problems of visitor.

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