etrailer | Lets Go Aero NEO2 2-Bike Rack Review

etrailer | Lets Go Aero NEO2 2-Bike Rack Review

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Full transcript:
Hi, everyone. It's Evangeline here at etrailer, and today we'll be taking a look at our Lets Go Aero NEO2 Bike Rack. This is gonna be a lightweight, compact rack which holds your bikes up by the wheels. So, let's take a look at all of those cool features. While this only weighs 15 pounds, it does have a 40 pound per bike weight capacity, so this is a little bit more than your traditional bike racks. And since it carries your bikes by the wheels, even if you have strange frames, or alternate frames like women's bikes or children's bikes, you can adjust to them.

But, let’s take a look at the way our bikes are mounted here. You should still follow the general rule of thumb, where heaviest bike is closer to your vehicle, lighter bike is away And then you can adjust them depending on your wheel size, or your wheel height, in comparison with your frame. So we have this pretty leveled here. The wheels are held up by these cradles. The cradles just pop into the wings, and then you have this rubber strap that goes around them and secures them.

Now to prevent sway of your bikes, which is usually a problem with most of your hanging-style racks, you have these toggle straps. So, there’s two different ways of tightening everything down. The easiest way is just to use two toggle straps, put them where your pedals are and then tightening them down to the shank itself. You have this little groove there which helps with that, and then just tie off the excess. And then there’s a second way if you need a little bit more security.

You’ll see where your front fork tubing is, well, you do have a foam pad that you can adjust on the wings itself in order to help secure that, or just keep that supported and gripped. And that’s what you wrap your toggle strap around. You go around the front fork, making sure to stay clear of components you don’t want tightened down. That goes around that wing, and then tightens down with the toggles. The trickiest part is just getting the best fit for your different bikes.

So whether you have a kid’s bike or a mountain bike or a road bike, you can use these stops right over here for your cradles, just so that everything is nice and even. So to explain how that goes, I’m just gonna lift this wheel up, take this clip out and move this to another spot, just like that. And then I can put the bike back on it. You do get two foam pads here, and then you can move these up and down. So, just make sure they’re not covering the hole that you’re using for your cradle, and that they are aligned with your bike’s frame to support it. So without the bikes on, you can see that it doesn’t take up much space behind your vehicle. The closest point, I guess your clearance, is gonna be from the hitch pin hole to the end of the cradles, and that’s gonna be 12, and I’d like to say, a 1/4 inches. Then the length added to the back of your vehicle, is gonna be about 24 3/4 inches of length. This does have a straight shank, so if you need extra ground clearance this doesn’t really have the rise to help out with that. So, just keep that in mind with where your own hitch receiver sits. That distance from the hitch pin hole to the closest point of the bike rack, will help you figure out if you can open up your hatch, even with this on. Obviously you can’t do this with bikes on, but it’s nice to see that this still clears our hatch on our Prius V. So, this is how easy it is to store your bike rack. So, you can see here in my trunk I have a lot of gear, a lot of cargo, I’ve got my boots, my helmets, but if I want to carry my bike rack, I can do so right in my trunk, or even in my backseat. It’s just three big pieces, as long as you have an all pinned together, as well as some straps and some hardware. I do recommend getting your own little bag though, to store those straps, those hardware and the cradles. So, this is also really quick and easy to assemble. You just need to get this into your hitch. We’ll tighten that down in a bit. Then grab your arms. Those go right on there. One arm. Here’s our second arm. Just pop that on. Use your pin to clip them all into place. So those go right here, line that up with the tools, and then secure it. There we go. That secures that. And now you’re just gonna put the cradles on. Here we have our cradles and then we have our pins. The first thing you need to do is make sure you figured out the right positioning for both of your bikes. And then once you have these on here, you don’t

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