etrailer Button Down Cycling Shirt – Men's Medium -Review E34JR

etrailer Button Down Cycling Shirt – Men's Medium -Review E34JR

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Full transcript:
Hi, everyone. It's Evangeline here etrailer. And today we'll be taking a look at our etrailer button down cycling shirt. This is a very versatile shirt. Great for if you wanna look classy but also comfortable and ready for adventure as you tackle those technical trails. Now I'm currently wearing the women's fit in size small but we will be focusing on the men's fit here.

It’s gonna be very similar in design as well as material but the main differences are, the buttons are on the other side, you have longer sleeves and a looser fit. Now, speaking of looser fit, this is a relaxed fit which means it’s looser around the chest and the waist compared to your racing jerseys. Now, while it looks like a button up shirt compared to your other dress shirts, this does have a shorter hem and that way you have more movement for pedaling and it doesn’t interfere with your saddle. The material itself is a lightweight, moisture- wicking fabric to help you stay cool while you’re out riding, but you also have reinforced seams along the collar, the neck line, and the buttons. So this allows the collar to retain it shape while the rest of the shirt is super breezy.

Now, here in the front, you have a front pocket but you also have two zippered side pockets. So here we have plenty of space for our smaller items. Now for measurements at the bottom of the zipper, it’s four inches to the hem, at the top zipper, we have seven inches to the hem and then you can zip it up and now you’re ready to ride. So you have different size options for this as well. What I’m carrying in my hands is men’s size extra large but you can get this from size is ranging from small to extra, extra large.

We do have a size chart here on our product page which will help you get the best fit. This is machine washable. So after your ride, go ahead, throw this into your washing machine and set that to warm. And then afterwards you can hang it up to dry. So all in all, a very versatile shirt it does look very classy, but the material allows you to go for those super tricky adventures and mountain bike rides.

This was a look at the etrailer button down cycling shirt. My name is Evangeline, and I hope you enjoy the journey..