Enjoy Exciting Rides on Yamaha Bikes

Yamaha Bikes
are already making an aggressive impact which its dual sport super
Tenere R1, inspired by FZ8. Yamaha fans can draw their inspiration from
championship winning racers of their crew. I personally like the Yamaha
R6, since it is an amazing sporting bike with 4 speed, 4 strokes and
horizontal in-line engine. It has got a six speed transmission which is
manual. The Yamaha R6 is equipped with Hydraulic front and has rear disc
brakes. If you love racing, this would be the best choice for a perfect
street race bike. The power and the speed of the bike are amazing. You
can experience the feel of everything it has to offer with a great
price. A brand new Yamaha R6 can cost you around or more than 5, 00,000
INR. Like the bike, the price is also a Wow factor here.

The pros of owning a Yamaha R6
is that it comes with elements of power and speed. This is one of the
best handling sports bike ever to be ridden. The aluminium frame is
super light, and it is also easy to control this. The bike’s light
weight chassis is truly amazing. It has a compact engine with liquid
cooled titanium valve. The four cylinder compression ratio would be
13.1:1. The bike responds superbly to the conditions and challenges of
the road. The fuel injection mapping complements the high compression
ratio, which in turn gives you a better throttle response and a reduced
engine braking. At times the transmission and throttle seems a bit
touchy and hard to use. The little movement that happens in the throttle
throws the bike out of the whack. Sometime, it looks like the chassis
do not respond well to the lower speeds. This is some of the little
demerits that the bike faces. Only experienced riders are good enough to
drive this bike. These are some of the demerits that the Yamaha R6