Enjoy A Day On Halong Bay Cruise Biking Tour


Halong Bay cruise biking tours are conducted by various tour operators
and these biking sessions provide the travelers time to bond with the
nature and observe the beautiful sights there.

Halong Bay, located in the Tonkin Gulf, includes around 1600 islets and
islands forming spectacular seascapes of limestone pillars. Due to the
precipitous nature of the islands, most of them are unaffected and
uninhabited by human presence. The outstanding scenic natural beauty of
the site is further complemented by places of great biological

One of the ideal ways of exploring the place is through Halong Bay
cruise biking as it brings the travelers face to face with many of the
varied aspects of the bay. There are various tour operators who conduct
biking trips along with the cruises, which includes cycling, boating
and visits to fruit gardens, cottage industries, locals’ homes and
floating markets. Biking offers the travelers a great opportunity to
explore the place in an entirely different way.

Types of Halong Bay cruise biking tours:
If you are the kind who want to experience a diverse adventurous
sensation along with fascinating trails of the bay, you can choose a
cruise biking program offered by the various tour operators out there.
The different terrains and varied topography of the place offer one of
the greatest opportunities to practice biking here. The programs are
offered in different difficulty levels so that everyone can take part
in it, regardless of his or her previous experience or physical

There are different types of biking tour programs which include those
designed for observing mystic forest vegetation and the interesting
bird life in these, those for highlighting beautiful landscapes of the
place and those for observing impressive coral reefs, caves, grottos
and hidden ponds. Some of the tours are also conducted for exploring
the beautiful sandy beaches along the Halong Bay.

The biking sessions can be conducted during day or night for a duration
of about 2-5 hours, depending upon the interests and physical condition
of the guests. Cruise biking is an exciting and different kind of
adventure, which provides an opportunity to enjoy unseen corners of the
bay and to bond with the nature.

The travelers can choose to cruise their favorite destinations in a
distinctive manner and get to enjoy the moments from off beaten tourist
tracks with these guided biking excursions. The experienced guides
provided by these tour operators will lead the tourists and show them
some of the most interesting and sought after sights and places of the

These tour operators offer biking tours with varied difficulty levels
so that whether you are a passionate biker or a novice, there is surely
something waiting for you to explore.

Whether looking for relaxation or for adventure, you are welcomed at
these biking excursions so that you can have a memorable holiday
experience. You will be accompanied by qualified guides who will give
you valuable tips and interesting information about different
destination coming your way. These tours will provide you more time for
sightseeing and relax on beaches or in cafes along the coast.

These biking tours also provide sufficient breaks so that you can click
pictures, relax, enjoy the picturesque views and explore the points and
sights of interest. Before going on a biking excursion, make sure that
you have a well-maintained bike, a helmet, rucksack, fitness bar and a
bike bottle.

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