1. pork cutlet on December 31, 2019 at 6:28 pm

    I’m done trying to find a decent place to camp and backpack in Kansas. we have hundreds of acres for people to hunt, but one tiny section of the lake to camp, usually on gravel and broken glass from the previous yokel. oh, and make sure you remove every tree in the campground too. I’ll spend my money in Missouri thank you very much.

  2. Paul Kurt on December 31, 2019 at 6:39 pm

    Been camping and hiking here for over 13 years! I love it…the closest you’ll come to Oregon in Kansas. Just got back from there today. Blue trail gets a little crazy from time to time LOL

  3. KatKMeanders on December 31, 2019 at 7:02 pm

    The trees make for a cool hike for some of the way on that (Intermediate/blue blazed) trail. Some of it is hot, bring plenty of water or Gatorade if you are going to be out in the heat. I hike there fairly often.