Ecommerce Dynamics GP or Great Plains Solution Notes

We recommend you to consider eStore, where we have successful
integration cases with Dynamics GP Great Plains.  However, if you have your in-house developed
custom ecommerce solution in Linux/PHP, .Net, MS SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle or
any other web server or DB platform, we should be able to help you in
integration to Dynamics GP.  Please read
the paragraphs below for orientation:


1.       Order
Connector.  Here we have a set of SQL
Stored Procedures, integrating ecommerce Sales Order Processing and AR
transactions to Great Plains Dynamics. 
Being coded in SQL Stored Procs, this product (or better classify it as
Solution, as it is a tool and SDK for ecommerce developer), Order Connector
shows real time integration performance for huge number of ecommerce
transactions per hour.  The nature of
ecommerce transactions is typically simple and repetitive, so you do not need
heavy functionality in your SDK and integration vehicle


2.       Posting
Server.  Alba Spectrum Autopost or Batch
Posting Server is written in Dynamics GP Dexterity and it allows you to post or
schedule for posting GP Batches directly from your eCommerce or eConnect web C#,
VB or SQL driven application.  We really
deploy Dexterity engine and one user license for Posting Server and you should
not have concerns about complex posting business logic in Dynamics GP as
Dexterity engine will do exactly the same job as if you would initiate posting
in GP User Interface


3.       eCommerce
eConnect Integration Programming.  We
encourage you to order Dynamics GP eConnect programming and software developing
training, if you are ecommerce full time or consulting programmer for mid-size
or large ecommerce organization with Dynamics GP as Corporate ERP.  eConnect is SDK and it allows you to create,
modify and delete Master records: Customer, Address, Vendor, GL Account,
Employee, and Transactions: Sales Invoice, Quote, Order, Customer Deposit and
others.  eConnect doesn’t post GP
batches, please read paragraph 2 for Autopost, which does exactly that


4.       Please,
give us a call: 1-866-528-0577Free Articles,