Do it Like a Mountain Biker

How to do MLM Like a Mountain Biker I got up this morning early so I could get all the thingsI needed to do to support my team.  I went out to the lanaiit was just perfect.  It must have been low 70’s and alight wind… this time of the year in Florida you have dayafter day of great weather.  So I decided to have breakfastoutside.  Being outside made me think of the first time Idid mountain biking as an adult and how it was so much likewhen I first started in MLM. 

I had never heard of mountainbiking until my cousin told me he had bought a mountainbike.  Now, in my defense we live in Florida… we don’t havemountains.

But he convinced me it would be a lot of fun and thatthere are parks were made up to be as difficult as going upnorth.  Then they told me I could get the Ferrari ofmountain bikes for about $5,000! I could not believe thatthere was a bicycle that cost that much!  I had not been ona bike since I was in middle school, but because of hisenthusiasm about it I went out and bought one for about$1,200.  Still a lot of money so I wanted to make sure Iwas going to have fun when I was out there and not crashand destroy the bike I just got.  And yes I was worriedmore about the bike than myself.

I got a great book that a professional mountain bikerwrote.  When we first get out to one of these parks… therewas a practice loop.  We must have spent an hour on thisloop getting used to every kind of terrain and getting useto our new bikes.  I was so glad to have read that book andto have practiced before we went on the actual loops.  Evenwith all that knowledge it was daunting to do some of thethings we ended up doing.  When we first got to the firstbig drop it looked like it went straight down forever, butat the bottom you had to make sure you turned right becausethere was a huge tree waiting for anyone that forgot toturn!  Just looking at it gets your heart racing!  I wasscared and excited at the same time.  That’s a weirdcombination of emotions to have at one time… but theexcited part of me won out and I went down my firstmountain! 

Once you do something you thought you could never do youfeel this rush and can’t help but give a loud yell out ofexcitement!  Then you can’t wait until your biking partnercomes down so you can talk and laugh about it!

Sitting here in my lanai getting ready to help some of mydownline I could not help but think of how that experiencewas so much like the first time you get into NetworkMarketing.  At first you have this nervous excitement ofstarting your own home based business, but at the same timeyou don’t know what to do.  So you go out and start lookingfor information on how to do this business.  Sometimes yourupline helps you, but if they are new like my cousin was tothe sport of biking; you might have to go out and find moreinformation on your own.  Hopefully you get the right kindof training and then you are off.  The first time you aretalking to a prospect you feel scared and excited at thesame time.  And when you finally get your first prospect tojoin you as a business partner… WOW!  Doesn’t that feelgreat!  You want to call your upline and tell him or herall about it.

I think we all should try to remember that feeling when weare going through rough times that eventually come.  Weshould remember how much fun it actually is.  Hey, I know Iwould rather be on my mountain bike having fun… even thoughit might be tough to come up the mountain I just went down…it beats being at the office!  That’s the way you shouldfeel about your business… at least you are doing somethingthat will get you away from your boring job!  You are doingsomething for yourself!  Or do you want to go back to a jobwhere they control your life?  Come to think of it… maybethat is why I like riding my mountain bike… I feel so freeand like I’m in control… even if I fall its all in thespirit of having fun.  So I waste no time in getting up anddoing it all over again!

So when you are doing you are working on your home basedbusinessFree Articles, think of what ever it is that you do that is fun.Think of that thing you do that makes you feel like you arein control of your destiny.  That is the mind set you wantto have.  It works!  Just give it a try.

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