Different Variants of Car Lights Existing In the Market


Automobile industry has a major role in globalization of the world. Vehicles are running on the highway days and nights to transport goods and materials from one place to another. It is all getting possible because of the lights of the car which make the driver to safely ride car in the dark. Besides the weather condition, the car light has provided the freedom to driver to drive and reach to their destinations.Car lights have a long history. During the initial phase of automobile evolutions, the carbide lamps were used as light source in the dark. Then the electrical diode technology arrived and then the cars were designed to use electric lamps. Now, the Era of LED (light emitting diode) has arrived and most of the luxurious cars are using this technology in their light systems. Let’s get the detail about the types of car lights.Front headlamps or Driving lights: These are major driving white lights located at front of the car and these are powerful enough lit the front of the road, so the driver can easily drive the vehicle. But the problem arises when these lights instead of benefits become harmful for the upcoming front driver. Because the glare of these lamps makes the front driver blind for few seconds and often they can’t see anything at their front. It causes lots of night accidents. Then, the automobile industry came with the Idea of “dipped lights” and the dipped lights throw lights beam down on the road rather at the front. It makes the crossing of cars easy in the night time.Rear lights: Also known as tail lights and fixed on the back of the car towards the edges. These lights make the car conspicuous from the rear end and warn the back driver about the front vehicle. Most of these lights are red in color because of the strong reflection and it can be noticed from far. The clues given by the rear light warn the rear driver and the distant of the front vehicle.Brake lights: One more important light at the back of the car is brake lights or the stop lamps. As the cars have started crossing the speed barriers and this light gives warning signal on the highways. Most of the cars run at high speed on the highways and whenever the front driver applies break the rear brake lights glow and warn following driver on time. The stop lamp not only works in night but also in day time to avoid collision.Signal indicators: Also known as blinkers, these are signals lights only blink when the driver turns the car either towards left or right. These are located at all the four corners of the car both in front and rear. When the driver turn toward the right, the two lamps of the right corners will blink and vice versa. These lights send the clear message to the upcoming cars and the following cars about the car drivers’ intention of changing direction. Often, accidents occur when the front driver suddenly turn the car either towards right or left without giving signal. Therefore, these light are also one of the collision saving lights.Fog lights: These lights play crucial role in the fog or when the visibility is very low. These are auxiliary lights fixed at the front of the vehicle and mostly of yellow color. The beam of the fog light spread on the immediate ground the give a clear view of the road. Yellow light assumes to make the vehicle visible in the fog or during the poor weather.The evolution in the car lights is going on and automobile industry striving hard to make the car lights stronger and powerful.  So the journey will be easier and safer in the future despite of weather conditions.

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