Cycling Tours : Power Through Your Next Bike Tour With These Superfoods

To improve the quality of the cycling tour, there are several cycling superfoods available. Check out the list of some superfoods that help you feel your absolute best during the ride.

A superfood is a food rich in nutrients beneficial for well-being and health. These include kale, salmon, acai, and blueberries. However, there is no set criteria to define superfoods. There are some foods that increase the performance of the riders during cycling tours. Check out the cycling superfoods that every cyclist needs to power through the next bike tour and improve the quality of the ride.

Coconut Oil – Lower Exertion Rate

There are around 90% saturated fats in the coconut oil that are incredibly good for the cyclists. Unlike most saturated fats, the ones in the coconut oil are MCT (medium-chain triglycerides). These types of saturated fats digest quickly as well as turn into an immediate source of energy. Moreover, they are even known to lessen blood lactate levels and perceived exertion rates.

Salmon – Muscle Builder

The body needs some protein to rebuild the muscles after a long day during bicycle tours. Salmon is an excellent source for providing such proteins without all the additional calories. Only a half fillet delivers around 40 grams of lean protein at a cost of just 400 calories. Omega-3 fatty acids in salmon contribute to reduce inflammation in the arteries and the enhanced blood flow helps keep you riding longer.

Chia Seeds – Endurance

An ideal source of omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, protein and fiber is chia seeds. Consuming chia seeds by mixing into sports drink or water is recommended. A gel-like coating is created in the stomach that helps slow down the process of breaking down carbohydrates into sugar. It further increases the endurance by prolonging the ability to keep in hydration on long rides.

Water – Hydration

No matter, water is not a superfood, however, it is one of the key supplies required by the body for hydration. Hydration and nutrition go hand in hand and the cycling tours with definitely suffer without one of them. To avoid the injury and dehydration, being hydrated is imperative. Sports drink, diluted juice, and coconut water are the best if the ride if longer than an hour and you are working up a sweat.

If you are planning for the cycling toursFree Reprint Articles, make sure you have these superfoods handy that will certainly power you throughout the ride.