Cycle Shoes Buying Guide | Halfords UK

Cycle Shoes Buying Guide | Halfords UK

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Start of on the right foot with out handy guide to the different types of cycle shoes and how it can step up your on and off road performance. [Halfords. We Fit. We Service. We Repair.]

Cycling shoes are an often-overlooked bit of kit that aren’t actually that expensive. A good pair will help improve power transfer and keep your feet comfortable. You just need to ensure the shoes you buy are compatible with your bike’s clipless pedals. Mountain bikes use two-bolt cleats, road bikes use three.

With road shoes, the cleat system is typically a 3-bolt pattern. The Shimano RP1 shoe is compatible with both 3-hole and 2-hole SPD cleats, making them a great choice for indoor as well as outdoor cycling.

The soles of road shoes are designed to be very stiff yet light for the most effective power transfer. Most come with either a glass fibre or nylon reinforced sole. You can upgrade to carbon fibre soles like these Boardmans, which is slightly more expensive but more lightweight and the stiffest option.

Synthetic material is generally used on the upper parts in order to be lightweight. And as ventilation is key, mesh panels are included to optimise air flow, keeping your feet cool and comfortable.

In terms of tightening your shoes, entry level styles generally use hook and loop straps. A dial tightening wire system as found on these Boardman shoes ensures a secure fit that is easily adjustable as you ride, for maximum comfort.

When choosing mountain biking shoes, you want to look for durable rubber outsoles that give you plenty of grip without compromising on comfort.  

If you’re currently riding in trainers and toying with the idea of cycle specific footwear, take a look at the Ridge leisure cycle shoes. These are a light, hiking-style shoe, but with a stiffer sole for greater traction and pedalling efficiency. This particular shoe uses an SPD Two bolt cleat system, with removable cover.

A good sole, like those found on these Boardman shoes, ensures traction on the pedal no matter how aggressively you ride. Both these Ridge and Boardman shoes come with a removable cleat cover that allows you to use them with flat pedals. The rubber sole will also allow the shoe to flex, so you can walk comfortably off the bike…. essential when off-roading.

Closure systems can either be lace – like these Boardman shoes – or dual hook and loop straps like those found on the Shimano ME1 – it comes down to personal preference. Additional features to look out for include a reinforced toe box that offers protection against scrapes and impact. You can even get elasticated laces with toggles for easy tightening. You can find both these features on Boardman shoes.

Cycling shoes are definitely worth investing in as they can really enhance the comfort of your ride and help you get all your energy down the pedal. Explore our full range of cycling shoes on our website, and you can always ask our in-store experts if you have any questions.

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