Custom Built Choppers Guide

Similar to many motorcycle enthusiasts, I just love
chopper’s from the incredible detail of OCC choppers all the way to the
Bad Boy Bikes of Jesse James, there is just one hold back however and
that is I just don’t have mountains of spare cash floating around to
buy my perfect, ideal hand built chopper, so what are the alternatives?
There are two fairly straightforward approaches to getting what we are
after, the choice is whether to buy or build it yourself. Obviously
both avenues have their own individual unique drawbacks, and as you may
have gathered there is quite a bit of cost involved with either route
that you take. Buying a chopper is by far the quickest, easiest and in
many cases the safest option to take. Here I explain what I think are
the options available to you.

Buying a chopper outright is
definitely the fastest way and indeed has a great many advantages
especially if like me, you are a very busy individual with not too much
time on your hands. Too, you can rest assured that the bike you buy has
likely been built by a professional and therefore you will know with
all due diligence that the chopper you are about to acquire is indeed a
very safe bike to purchase, not just for you, but also for all the
other road users out there. If you are prepared to buy outright, you
have many options that you can take later on too, if you decide to
carry out any modifications to put your own individual stamp on the
chopper motorbike itself. Also buying these days a chopper in the
aftermarket is a pretty easy process with a great deal of options
available to you. To get a good general idea of the kind of bike you
may be after, have a look through the listings on ebay where there is a
good choice usually on offer with highly detailed photographs displayed
alongside each bike too. Sometimes though, buying a second user machine
you are likely somewhere along the line, going to have to make
compromises, but at the end of the day, it’s up to you how far you are
willing to bend, to source your perfectly ideal, chopper motorbike.

other option if you have the time, the expertise and the money is to
either build one yourself from scratch or have a chopper motorcycle
hand built for you by a professional. This will obviously take a great
deal of time but the overall result is much more likely to be a bike
with which you can ultimately enjoy your very own personal relationship
with as you learn all about it’s individual characteristics and road
handling ability etc.

Whichever option you choose to go withArticle Search, may we wish all fellow bikers a happy and safe touring summer in 2008!